VIDEO: Senator Tony Ada’s Home Invasion Bill Finds Widespread Support


Guam – Session continued Wednesday with debate on a number of bills including a measure to step up enforcement against “hand billing” and another to increase penalties for home invasion.

Bill #117 would expand the duties of the Guam police department community assisted policing effort volunteers to allow them to enforce the hand billing act. 

An amendment was added to the measure that would also hold responsible businesses that employ hand billers. Lawmakers also discussed Senator Tony Ada’s bill 119 which would clearly define a home invasion and make it first degree felony with a mandatory minimum of ten years punishment.

“During my research I found that there only was a single degree of burglary in Guam law and it didn’t matter if the home was occupied or not. The bill as introduced was to make a home invasion an enhanced burglary crime where the burglary is committed in a home that was occupied at the time of the break in or by lying in wait for somebody to return home,” said Senator Tony Ada.

The home invasion bill and the hand billing measure were both moved to the third reading file along with a number of other bills including bill 120 which would establish a fallen heroes monument for the men and women of Guam who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the war on terror