VIDEO: Senators Pangelinan, Won Pat, Raise More Questions About Cost of Coretech Tiyan Deal


Guam-Speaker Judi Won Pat and Senator Ben Pangelinan are concerned with the lack of clear information on the Coretech Tiyan purchase agreement and lease. They say information and documents have not been made readily available and whenever more information is released they have more questions.

For example it was revealed that the property that the Guahan Academy Charter School sits on actually belongs to the airport but was being leased to Coretech for free.

“Since the very beginning I’ve asked the Governor to come forward and be open and honest about the dealings of this transaction and instead of doing that he actually, when we asked and requested information from the departments and agencies like BBMR and the Attorney General’s office the Attorney General informed us that the Governor’s orders were not to release any information regarding the specifics of the deal and so instead of being open and honest he’s ordering his directors not to respond to requests for information,” said Senator Pangelinan.


Speaker Judi Won Pat is also confused by the information or lack thereof about the Tiyan Coretech deal and she is also questioning the part of the purchase agreement that involves property that the charter school sits on. That property belongs to the airport but in 2012 the airport leased the property to Coretech for free to make up for some property that the airport was encroaching on. “When the government encroaches on private lands or has taken private lands one of the things we always try to do is do a dollar for dollar we look at the square footage of every place to make sure that it would be fair to both the original land owners and the government of Guam in this case we know that the numbers just don’t match and the Government again is on the losing end of this part,” said Speker Won Pat. Senator Pangelinan believes GovGuam and the people of Guam are on the losing end as well. “We’re being sold that this is a good deal for the people of Guam and I don’t believe that. I still don’t believe that this is a good deal for the government of Guam,” said Senator Pangelinan adding, “I would say that if even just from the real estate point of view on a fair market value. What would it cost for the airport to rent 1,800 square meters and 900 square meters of a ponding basin from Coretech and what would it cost Coretech to rent 10,000 square meters and three buildings even if it’s dilapidated to Coretech what would it cost Coretech and you’re telling me it’s gonna be an even deal? No.”

 Speaker Judi Won Pat is also concerned about the some of the environmental hazards left over from the military’s use of the property where the Guahan Academy Charter School now sits. When the deal was signed between Coretech and the airport Coretech was supposed to have cleaned up the area within two years but the Speaker says she hasn’t seen any evidence of this. “We don’t know anything and we’ve tried to ask EPA to let us know whether thats done? Who’s done it, and where is it? Where are we with that? We don’t know and that I think is really very critical,” said Speaker Won Pat.

 The Speaker also brings up concerns about building a central school in this area that is so close to the airport because students could be distracted by noise from aircraft. Meanwhile Senator Pangelinan says that the Governor has recently sent out letters to parents of charter school students telling them that senators Pangelinan and Mike San Nicolas want to kick the charter school out of Tiyan. “Which is again nothing further from the truth. Even if the sale is not consumated for the Government of Guam to purchase the Tiyan properties and the charter school site we already have a lease on that and so they’re gonna stay there because the lease is for ten years even if we don’t buy it we have a lease for ten years,” said Pangelinan. The senator says he belives that both the public and charter schools are being used as pawns in this deal. Speaker Won Pat is asking to sit down with the Governor and his staff to go over all the terms of the agreement with Coretech.