VIDEO: Seventh Day Adventist World Radio Celebrates Completion of $2.9M in Antenna Upgrades


Guam- The president of the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists is here on Guam for the completion of their multi-million dollar antenna at Adventist World Radio in Agat.


Pastor Ted Wilson tells PNC about $2.9 million dollars in upgrades were made to the 26 year old KSDA shortwave radio station. He says the new curtain antenna increases their broadcast efficiency and effectiveness by approximately 20%. With the station upgrades done, Wilson notes their coverage has improved to most Asian countries including China, North Korea and India. He explains their programming provides people with better insight on good health, family relationships, interpersonal relationships and spiritual messages on Christianity.

“It really is aiming its beams and transmissions to the Asia Pacific area because of the massive amount of people that live in that area,” said Wilson. “The new tower was constructed with a curtain antenna that is very fine tuned in order to reach many different people groups. So this is basically the 5th antenna that the station will have.”

Wilson adds their station broadcasts in 34 languages for 287 hours per week.