VIDEO: Sinajana Mayor Hoffman “Shocked” Over Armed Robbery Outside the Payless in His Village


Guam – Sinajana Mayor Robert Hofmann works closely with the Guam Police Department (GPD) to find the suspects of the Armed Robbery that occurred early yesterday [Tuesday] at the Pay-less in his village. 

Three men robbed five employees in the parking lot of the store just after 1 AM. The Sinajana Mayor’s Office and GPD are following up on every lead and asking for public’s help for anymore information they might have. So far, they have the information such as height, build, clothing worn and the street the suspects ran from. The mayor said that they have been going door-to-door around the neighborhood asking residents if they have any information on the crime. 

Hofmann hopes to put this case to rest as the recent crimes committed throughout the island have been shocking the people of Guam. Instead of being afraid, he advises residents to be more vigilant and help support the law enforcement by being more aware of their surroundings.

Hofmann’s main concern is the reason why people are committing more crimes. He said, “Why are they committing crimes? Are we not providing enough? Why are they getting desperate? Is it because they can’t afford their power bills? Trash bills? Gambling problems? Drug problems? Addiction? It’s important in getting to the root of the nature with this. Burglary is the end result of this. If there’s an addiction they have to feed, they’re going to commit the crime in any way they can. Because the crime was committed with a gun, it made a lot more the residents scared.”  

The Sinajana mayor added his heart goes out to the Pay-less employees and hopes that justice is served. Hofmann also said that neighboorhood watches are in effect to look out for anything suspicious.