VIDEO: Smoke From Wild Fire Forces Friday Closure of Inarajan Middle School, Again

A fire weather watch is in effect for Guam. (file photo)

Guam – Another grass fire forced the closure of Inarajan Middle School again today.

The Department of  Education this morning announced that Inarajan Middle would be closed today because of the smoke from a burning grass fire.

The closure was announced just after 8am this morning. And Deputy School Superintendent Robert Malay says that school buses that had already picked up students to bring them to school, had to be turned around to bring them back to their bus stops.

Inarajan resident Lou Santos whose home neighbors the campus explained, “I got my kids ready for school and when we came out, they were complaining that it was very foggy but it was smoke, thick smoke with ashes flying all over. It was a huge fire right behind my neighbor’s house. You can hear loud crackling sounds and we can see the smoke really thick. One of my daughters go to middle school and was sent back. When I asked her why, they said there were sent home because of ashes and smoke going to their school.”

Its the second time this week that a grass fire has forced the closure of the school. Wednesday afternoon, students and staff at Inarajan Middle had to be let out early because smoke from a different grass fire filled the campus.

Guam Fire Department Lt. Ed Artero said just in the four days of April alone, there have been almost 20 reported grass fires. When asked if there’s a possibility that the fires may have been deliberately set he said, “It’s hard to determine from grass fires, whether or not it was actually set or accidentally set, unless we find a device or someone comes forward with information regarding the fire around the area. It’s very hard to determine whether it’s accidental or intentional.” 

Authorities are still investigating. So far, there’s only been one situation where an incendiary device was found.

However, Artero said it’s not over yet. With the dry season progressing, more grass fires are expected. 

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