VIDEO: Some GPD Officers Will Begin Carrying Tasers on New Year’s Eve


Guam – Three groups of officers have been certified to use tasers. The last group underwent the last leg of training on Monday.


 As part of their training officers who will be using the taser had to feel the effect of the taser themselves firsthand. Officers who are certified will begin to carry tasers as a part of their gear or their duty belts. They will begin carrying the tasers today on new years eve. GPD PIO A.J. Balajadia warns that any individuals who do not listen to the orders of officers could be subject to the use of the taser. “Any individuals who are non compliant with the officers instructions may ultimately end up being tasered. It is very effective. It will take a grown man down to the ground. If there is a need for medical treatment we will call a medic and have that individual checked out and if need be we will transport that individual to the hospital, but ultimately that individual will be arrested,” said Balajadia. The tasers add a non-lethal weapon to GPD’s arsenal allowing officers to stop and subdue suspects quickly and without major injury.