VIDEO: JGPO Briefs Governor, Senators. But Unavailable for Public Comment


Guam – Joint Guam Program Office Director Joe Ludovici held a briefing on the military’s master plan with acting Governor Ray Tenorio Speaker Judi Won Pat, and Senators Judi Guthertz and Frank Blas Jr. After the meeting Speaker Won Pat and Senator Guthertz raised some concerns about some of the details given on JGPO’s draft military master plan.




Acting Governor Ray Tenorio was not available for an on-camera interview today on his meeting with Joint Guam Program Office Director Joe Ludovici yesterday. Ludovici has left island and is also not available. Meanwhile PNC was told by the Joint Guam Program Office that they have no specific public affairs officer to take the place of former public affairs officer Neil Ruggiero. JGPO forward director Daniel Cuff who heads the Guam office was also unavailable for comment. Cuff has yet to grant PNC an interview despite previous requests. Instead PNC spoke via telephone with JGPO’s major Darren Alvarez. Alvarez was only able to confirm for PNC that Ludovici and Cuff had met with the governor and some senators. PNC was told to send an email officially requesting an interview with Cuff along with a list of questions. This request will then have to be sent to Washington D.C. for approval.

 The Pacific News Center was able to interview Speaker Judi Won Pat. The Speaker says they were shown a part of the master plan that focused only on their proposed plans for housing marines. The marines as previously reported will be housed in the Finegayan or former FAA housing area. The speaker is concerned because she says it appears as if these plans focus more on creating a self-contained sort of complex that would keep military personnel in the Finegayan and Andersen Air Force base installations. “This plan is totally self-contained it means that they’re using this concept of live where you work so it’s where you live where you work and where you play and so in that plan the housing area’s gonna be there the work area for the personnel they’re gonna have a mall they’re gonna have a gym and they’re gonna have their own recreational facility and how is that going to be good then for Guam,” said Won Pat.

 The speaker is concerned that this will keep military personnel from venturing off-base and spending money in the local Guam economy. “We have malls here several malls and individual stores that they all can come and help support again the economy we have theaters here that you can see are not even half full and that can again be supported by the military,” said Won Pat

 The speaker says they were told this more self-contained approach would help ease traffic congestion something that many on Guam have voiced their concerns about during the environmental impact statement. The speaker says that with these plans the military seems to be moving away from the “One Guam” approach that they have promised.

 “This plan that they have is internal because we asked if they could take it out to share with the community and they have not and they will not because it is still internal they said they have submitted some portions of plans master plans to congress,” said the speaker.

 Chairwoman on the military buildup Senator Judi Guthertz issued a release to the media expressing her disappointment that she learned little from the JGPO briefing. In her release Guthertz said she got the sense from JGPO personnel that “they have great difficulty proceeding effectively on the Guam buildup given the confusing signals being sent out by budget and policy makers in the congress.”