VIDEO: Somerfleck Files Grievances on Behalf of 33 Teachers Over Pay Increment Freeze


Guam – Attorney Daniel Somerfleck is in the process of filing a grievance with the Department of Education on behalf of 33 teachers and support staff at Agana Heights Elementary School in response to a 2011 freeze on pay increments.

The pay increments were ordered by Governor Eddie Calvo in an effort to tighten the GovGuam budget. Somerfleck says the Governor’s authority can not interfere with the Adequate Education Act, which requires the government to recruit and retain certified teachers.

“The legislature particularly in the laws that were passed made it clear that the Governor cannot take away the funds for the public adequate education,” Somerfleck told PNC. “The teachers have started the process and have gone through the first two steps of the grievance process the informal process and have received a response at the second step basically stating that there is no authority for (the Education Board) not to follow the Governors order.”

Somerfleck says the next step is for the teachers to talk with superintendent Fernandez.  If the issue isn’t resolved with the superintendent Somerfleck says the next step is to file with the civil service commission.