VIDEO: Subcontractor Injured by Electric Shock at Cabras in Stable at GMH. GPA Says He Should Not Have Been in the Area


Guam – The subcontractor was injured by electric shock on Saturday while performing work on the Cabras power plant should not have been in the area, according to Guam Power Authority Spokesman Art Perez.

The Taiwanese contractor was in stable condition as of Monday morning.

Perez tells PNC that around 7 am Saturday, the individual was conducting some refurbishment work on an auxiliary transformer for TEMES, the Taiwan performance management contractor hired by GPA.

He says on Friday, the night before the incident, work was completed and the all clear was given to begin preparations to bring the unit back online the following day.

That, Perez says, means no one should have been in that particular area that Saturday.

“The work was completed the evening before and the all clear was given for oeprations,” says Perez. “In that process you turn on the auxiliary equipment, make sure all machinery’s working.”

He adds: “OSHA investigators will communicate and coordinate with TEMES and the subcontractor to find out what the individual was doing in that area with the auxiliary transformer energized.”

Perez notes that the man suffered severe electrical burns. Guam Fire Spokesman Lt. Ed Artero says paramedics responded to the scene within minutes of receiving the 911 call and that the patient was alert at the time.

Artero says that over 12 bolts of power was running through the line that zapped the individual.