Video suggests alcohol factor on night Tenorio grabbed gun

Left figure appears to hold a green beer bottle. This image is a freeze frame of video that recently went viral.

Is that a green beer bottle in the hands of the lieutenant governor at the three-minute point of a viral video?

Guam – A pair of viral videos circulating on social media purportedly shows Guam Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio at a Saturday night event, the same night he allegedly grabbed an unsecured pistol from a police officer during the Annual BBQ Block Party in the Pleasure Island area of Tumon.

One of the videos is time stamped “10:33 PM, 7/7/2018”, the same night as the event, and appears to be captured in Pleasure Island. A stretch of this apparent surveillance video shows a figure resembling the lieutenant governor holding and hoisting a clear green vessel to his mouth and tilting his head back as if to drink. What appears to be a green beer bottle in the grasp of the lieutenant governor is visible in the 16-second sequence marked 02:55 to 03:11 on the 10:33 PM video. PNC News has no confirmed reports that the images are of Lt. Gov. Tenorio.

A similar video stamped “10:37 PM, 7/7/2018” shows the figure resembling Tenorio being shoved, ejected, or sprung in front of a pale SUV, not unlike the one he is sometimes seen riding in. What may be a short tussle appears at the segment of the video time coded 00:52 to 00:59. However, PNC has no confirmed reports of an altercation of any kind involving the lieutenant governor.

As PNC News First reported on Tuesday night, Lt. Gov. Tenorio “did not substantiate allegations that he was drunk when the incident occurred, despite reportedly being seen with an alcoholic beverage in hand.”

Tenorio did, however, admit to noticing “that an officer’s gun appeared unsecured at the event with thousands of people present.”

Without admittimg to unholstering the firearm, Tenorio characterized his next action as instructive to the officer.

“As a former instructor at the police academy and the overseer of public safety, I saw a teaching moment and wanted to demonstrate the danger of this, so he might ensure his safety,” Tenorio said.

Tenorio is a former police officer whose gun was reportedly stolen from his home and allegedly used in a crime.

This is a developing story.