VIDEO: Supporters Pick Up Gubernitorial Packet for Former Governor Gutierrez and Gary Gumataotao


Guam – There just might be a contender for the Calvo/Tenorio gubernatorial team after all.

A group of supporters calling themselves the “People’s Movement” picked a candidates packet for former Governor Carl Gutierrez and local attorney Gary Gumataotao.

“This is the packet for governor and lt. governor your first set is your nominating petition you have fifty sets for the Govenror’s office you need 500 signatures,” said GEC staff Thomas San Agustin.

 Supporters of Former Governor Carl Gutierrez picked up a candidates packet and petitions for a Democratic Gubernatorial team that they hope will run for and win office. “We take the package for the gubernatorial on the Democrat side which is former Governor Gutierrez and the Lt. Governor will be Gary Gumataotao,” said Benny Rosalin.


About 20 supporters gathered at the GCIC building shortly before lunch as part of what they are calling a “people’s movement” to draft Gutierrez and Gumataota. “It’s a people movement and this is basically what it is a people’s movement for potential gubernatorial candidate for Governor and Lt. Governor as well,” said Julie Mayo.

 Gumataotao is a local attorney who previously ran for Attorney General and who ran for Senator in the 2012 election. He is also the son of Piti mayor Vicente or Ben Gumataotao. The supporters for this team don’t have much time to organize and gather signatures but they are confident it will get done. “Yes I feel confident and very optimistic that we will succeed in obtaining signatures for this purpose,”
said Mayo.

 However Rosalin and Mayo say that Gutierrez and Gumataotao have yet to formally commit to running for office. “Definitely he’s thinking about it but eventually the governor made up his mind because the people always call him up wherever he goes the party they talk about it but I believe that the people wants him,” said Rosalin. PNC asked, “But he hasn’t committed a hundred percent yet this is more of the people trying to convince him to run is that what you’re saying?” Rosalin responded saying “Definitely yes if the people spoke then of course and I know that they will make the best Governor and Lt. Governor and I believe also that he will help the people of Guam.”

 If Gutierrez and Gumataotao decide to run they will have to file their candidacy soon as the deadline to file is July 1st. Meanwhile the Democratic party of Guam will be holding a meeting this Thursday. Party Chair Rory Respicio issued a statement saying “today’s events are a great demonstration of democracy in action and a growing grassroots movement to offer a real alternative to the current administration.”