VIDEO: Taggerty Says He Wants to Expand Scope and Reach of Public Broadcasting


Guam – Darryl Taggerty went before the legislature for a hearing on his appointment as the station manager of Guam PBS or the former KGTF public television station.

Taggerty was formerly the Vice-Chairman and acting interim chairman of the Democratic party of Guam up until December when elections were held. Tagerrty did not run.

Governor Eddie Calvo has now nominated him to run Guam’s PBS and he has been serving as acting station manager since January 16. Tagerrty wants to increase the use of the Chamoru language on PBS and he also wants to develop programing in other Micronesian languages from the Freely Associated States as well.

Taggerty envisions multiple digital channels, extension into the CNMI and a Micronesian regional radio network managed from Guam.

“I think that the articulate of the people in all of the sub communities on Guam whether they’re Chamoru or Chuukese or whatever their passion. If they…not if but when they realize that they can have their expressions represented fairly not in a truncated fashion as we find in commercial news but in long form and in the time it takes to fully explain and to present in a positive and fair manner whatever their passion that is the purpose of public television,” said Taggerty.

Taggerty says he did not seek this position but happened upon it as he made himself available just when the previous manager moved on to other work. Taggerty was formerly the station manager of KPRG Guam’s public radio station