VIDEO: Taiwan Wraps Up Chinese New Year with Luminous Lantern Displays


Taiwan – More than 48,600 people visited Guam from Taiwan in calendar year 2013 according to figures from the Guam Visitors Bureau. With our island being such a popular destination for the Taiwanese, PNC visited Taiwan this Chinese New Year to learn find out what someone from Guam can do in Taiwan.

Hundreds of paper lantern lit up the night sky over New Taipei City this Valentines Day as the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival marked the end of the Chinese New Year holiday. Thousands of tourists come to gaze at the luminous display each year— and write their wishes on lanterns they make or buy.

The Pingxi Festival is just one of the many lantern festivals throughout Taiwan. Millions of visitors came to Nantau County beginning on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year for the 25th Taiwan Lantern Festival.

Tourism Office Director General Yuan-Jang Wang says this festival embraces the Chinese culture of all of Taiwan and is an important part of the Chinese New Year. With this being the year of the horse, the lantern named the Lucky Horse Prance took the stage at this year’s event featuring a fireworks and light display around it.

According to Wang $240 Million dollars is spent on the Taiwan Lantern Festival each year, with funds coming from the central government and business sponsors.

Both the Taiwan Lantern Festival and the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival have been publicized by international media to be among the best festivals in the world, including the Pingxi Festival’s selection for CNN’s list of “52 Things To Do in 2013″ last year.