VIDEO: Tax on Salary Hike for Executive Branch Officers Could Raise Enough to Boost Pay of Marshals and Probate Officers


Guam – Senator Mike San Nicolas says that the Governor’s decision to implement law enforcement pay adjustments for Executive Branch public safety officers, means that there is now $10 million more dollars that are taxable.

And he estimates the taxes generated by the salary increase will amount to about $1.5 million dollars. So he has introduced Bill #243 to require that additional revenue be used to provide a matching pay raise for Judicial Branch law enforcers, Marshals and Probate Officers.

READ Bill #243 HERE


“The projections we use are very conservative we only use a 15 percent projection based on the ten million that’s where we got the figure for $1.5 and the Mangilao night market investment I’m really excited about that because we have hundreds of people going there and dozens of vendors and it’s a source of economic growth and its an incubator for small businesses,” said Senator San Nicolas.

The Senator says that his bill would also use some of this $1.5 million in funding to create a responsible non-profit endowment fund that would provide sustainable funding for the long term support of non-profit organizations and to help support the planned Mangilao night market.