VIDEO: Tedtaotao, McIntosh Are the Alleged Mask Men, Santos the Accused Getaway Driver in Bank of Guam Robbery


Guam – The 3 suspects in the armed robbery of the Yigo branch of the Bank of Guam were formally charged in the Northern District Court this morning  with Second Degree Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery and a Special Allegation of Possession and Use of a Deadly Weapon in the Commission of a Felony.

18 year old Jathan John Pangelinan Tedtaotao,  35 year old Ricky Chris McIntosh Jr. and 41 year old Vincent David Santos were ordered held on $750-thousand dollars cash bail, each.

According to the Magistrate report, two weeks ago, on March 1st, detectives interrogated defendant Jathan Tedtaotao and he told them the bank robbery was planned during a meeting held at 2am on February 6th, about 9 hours before the crime occurred.

The report states that Tedtaotao told police he attended that meeting at the home of the 4th suspect, Antonio Roke Quitugua. And at that meeting,  Tedtaotao reportedly said that he, Quitugua,  McIntosh and a fourth person “discussed robbing the Yigo branch of the Bank of Guam … all four made plans to rob the bank”, states the report.  

Although Tedtaotao initially told the investigators that he had withdrawn from the plan, the Magistrate reports states that a witness came forward to say that “Tedtaotao was bragging about his involvement in the robbery”. And another person identified Tedtaotao as one of the robbers in the video footage. And one of the robbers in that video footage “was wearing clothing owned by defendant Tedtaotao”.

“Tedtaotao eventually confessed to participating in the robbery, and even participated in a video reenactment”, states the report.

Quitugua was indicated this past Tuesday for his alleged role in the robbery. On Wednesday he entered a not guilty plea and he is being held on $500-thousand dollar cash bail.

READ the Magistrate Report HERE (second one down)


[L-R: Jathan Tedtaotao,  Vincent Santos, Ricky McIntosh Jr.]

When Tedtaotao was shown the video taken of the crime, “he identified the individual wearing a red mask armed with the firearm as defendant McIntosh.”

Tedtaotao also told police that it was McIntosh who supplied the black pistol used in the robbery.

In this case, as in so many in recent years, the drug “ice” played a role in the crime. According to the report, Quitugua and McIntosh supplied Tedtaotao with methamphetamine “in return for his silence”.

And when he was interrogated about the crime, Quitugua, who is the alleged ‘look-out’, was shown video of his truck parked outside the bank of Guam just before the robbery occurred. The report states that he  “admitted that the truck in the surveillance footage was his, but stated that he did not remember driving the truck on the day of the robbery as he was high on methamphetamine.”


[Antonio Roke Quitugua]