VIDEO: THAAD Deployment Seen as Evidence Pentagon Believes North Korean Threat May Last for Awhile


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo says the Pentagon’s decision to send THAAD defensive missiles to Guam is a welcome move, and one that shows Guam’s continued strategic importance to the nation.

After weeks of threats from a bellicose North Korea against Andersen Air Force Base and the U.S. mainland, Bordallo says the Pentagon’s decision to deploy defensive missiles to Guam, is welcome news.

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Bordallo:“Well let me say that I was just briefed recently by the Pentagon and I am encouraged that the Pentagon is deploying THAAD, the missile defense system to Guam to defend critical military assets on our island and the Asia-Pacific region and the entire Asia Pacific region.”

“Although North Korea continues empty threats to provoke the United States, it is critical that we take every threat of harm against our country seriously.”

“The Pentagon and the White House have insured the community on Guam that our military is ready and capable to respond to any threats.”

“And this announcement is further proof that our military has taken the necessary and precautionary steps to ensure the safety of our island, our people and of course our entire country.”

The Defense Department announced Wednesday that the U.S. will deploy the THAAD system in coming weeks. THAAD stands for Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense program.

The system is made by Lockheed Martin. It is a land-based system that uses truck-mounted launchers to intercept missiles.

Earlier this week, Rick Fisher with the International Assessment and Strategy Center in Washington mentioned that THAAD was an option for defending Guam, the Northern Marianas and other Pacific interests.

The other option is the sea-borne Aegis missile system on U.S. cruisers and destroyers.

Fisher: “Some of these missiles have the capability of taking down satellites, which means they can take down incoming north Korean missiles, coming from that distance. The second option would be to deploy the THAAD system to Guam, which could also, handily defeat an intermediate-range ballistic missile.” :

The U.S. this week also ordered the USS Decatur, a destroyer, to South Korea, also as a defensive measure.

The level of  U.S. activity,  and especially sending defensive missiles to Guam, is seen by analysts here, that the Pentagon does not see the North Korean threat subsiding anytime, soon.

DoD says in its latest statement, “the United States continues to urge the North Korean leadership to cease provocative threats and choose the path of peace.”

But it added: “the United States remains vigilant in the face of   North Korean provocations and stands read to defend U.S. territory, our allies and our national interests.”