VIDEO: The 26th Annual “Rainbows for All Children Run/Walk” This SATURDAY, March 1


Guam – The 26th Annual Rainbows for All Children 3.5 Run/Walk for Youth will take place this Saturday, March 1.

The Run/Walk will start at 6 AM at the Micronesia Mall. 

Executive Director for Rainbows Guam Marie Halloran said the goal of the Run/Walk is to raise funds to continue to support children who have lost a loved one. She adds that children who participate will be free of charge and invites the public to make a difference. 

Pre-register at Hornet’s or Mark’s Sporting Goods for $10 or show up at race day for $15. For more information on Rainbows Guam and how you can participate, call Marie at 632-0257.