VIDEO: Thousands Faithfully Flock to Liberation Parade


Guam – Thousands gathered along marine drive today, braving the heat and the rain to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the liberation of Guam. PNC hit the parade route to find out why people come out in droves every year on July 21st.


“Every year every year I’ve never missed it I bring my family down here friends get together just to have a good time and honor our military and what not. Just have a good time and make sure everyone goes home safe,” said Steve Cruz.

 Bill Aflleje was also enjoying the parade while Barbequing along side family and friends. “It’s a kick back day you know I mean we get to see different stuff every year we just come down here to enjoy ourselves,” said Afflleje.

 John Wusstig of the class of 1976 got together graduates from the 6 highschools that were on island during 1976 namely F.D., N.D., Academy, GW, JFK, and Voc-Tech to barbeque and enjoy the liberation day festivities. “We grew up with the parents who were, who went through the liberation so we’ve got our stories and actually I’ve got parents I had a parent who wouldn’t even talk about it because it’s just not something you want to share with your kids and that’s how bad it was and we know our parents went through that and so liberation means furthering our relationship with the United States, I mean that’s how we grew up as Americans, Guamanians and Americans. And so if you look we’ve got the Pugua we’ve got the flags we’re here and we’re enjoying it,” said Wusstig.

 But the liberation day festivities aren’t only about parties and barbeques. Joe Chargulaf was at the parade festivities since five AM preparing for the national guard march. “Well it’s an important day thinking about our past and all the sacrifice that was made for this land I’m a proud Chamoru and a proud American as well,” said Chargualaf.

 While there were easily thousands in attendance there is no official count. Nevertheless many people at this years parade told PNC that they felt there were less in attendance than in previous years.