VIDEO: Tinian Mayor Opposes Live-Fire Training on Island


Saipan –  Tinian Mayor Ramon Dela Cruz said the people of Tinian will not accept an artillery range and urged the CNMI government to come up with a position that best reflects the community’s desire while still supporting the military development of their leased lands.

Dela Cruz’s sentiments comes after House Speaker Joseph Deleon Guerrero called for the CNMI to make a stand now on DoD’s plan to use both Pagan and Tinian for live-fire training.  

Deleon Guerrero scored the CNMI’s lack of position on Pagan to this day. The speaker has been planning to author a resolution objecting to the use of Pagan for live-fire military training, among other things.

Two-thirds of Tinian lands are leased to the U.S. Department of Defense. The U.S. military plans to use Tinian and Pagan to resolve its training deficiencies in the Western Pacific. Guam training areas are already being used to capacity.