VIDEO: Tiyan Parkway Project Can’t Proceed Until Property is Purchased


Guam – The Tiyan parkway road project is at a standstill because the federal highway administration will not fund the acquisition of private property that the federal government gave back to Gov Guam.

  DPW has been working on constructing a four or five lane Tiyan parkway to replace the existing road running through Tiyan because the A.B. Wonpat Guam International Airport Authority and the Federal Aviation Administration want to close off Central Avenue for safety reasons due to it’s proximity to the runway. The problem is DPW would have to purchase land from original landowners who were given their property by Gov Guam after the old Naval Air Station closed down and the federal government gave the land to Gov Guam. DPW Acting Director Carl Dominguez tells PNC that the federal highway administration says they won’t pay to buy property that the federal government has already given back to Gov Guam.

  “What they told us is since they returned the land to the government of Guam with the intention that that land would be used to improve that roadway there since the government of Guam returned that portion of the property back to original ancestral landowners they will not fund the purchase of that property they just won’t do it,” said Dominguez.

  Dominguez also tells PNC that DPW really can’t proceed with the Tiyan parkway until Gov Guam comes up with the money to purchase the property back from original landowners.

  As for phase one phase 1 of the Tiyan parkway that is still underway. Phase one entails constructing a road from the Cars Plus area of Maite connecting to the Guam Police Department headquarters. This will allow the airport to close off the road that connects to Tiyan from the Mobil/Mcdonalds intersection. The problem is the airport wants to close off Central Avenue by the summer of 2012.

  “Even if we started the new section phase1 we couldn’t get it done we think for we think at least two years so if they close it that means that there won’t be any traffic between route 8 and airport road along sunset boulevard at least not from the Rt. 8 side,” said Dominguez.