VIDEO: Tourism Up, but Japan Arrivals Slightly Down


Guam – While tourism numbers continue to grow, the Guam Visitor’s Bureau reports that Japan arrivals are slightly down this year compared to the same period last year.

According to GVB’s preliminary arrivals report, the total arrivals for the current fiscal year so far are up by 10.9 percent. That increase was attributed to a spike in arrivals for secondary markets such as Korea at 35 percent, Russia at 30 percent and China at 70 percent.

Our biggest market, Japan, was also slightly up for the fiscal year, however June 2013 arrivals went down by 3 percent. Deputy General Manager Nate Denight says this could be because of the weakening yen.

“Fiscal year, we’re up 10 percent and that’s compared to last year. And last year was a good year as well. So tourism continues to be storng. Korea’s really been helping and turning into a strong number two so we’re gonna have all time record arrival for Korea this year. One thing to watch though, Japan is still our number one market so with the yen and the economy of Japan we’re really monitoring that and seeing how that’s gonna affect us,” says Denight.

Denight says the months of April, May and June are typically slow months for Japan, but he adds that the market starts to pick back up again in July going forward.