VIDEO: Training Helps DOE Elementary Teachers Plan Purposeful Lessons


Guam – Elementary school teachers in the Department of Education have spent the last four days learning about the Common Core State Standards during a training held at the Hyatt Regency Guam.

About 200 teachers voluntarily participated in the training without pay. The training helped them better understand what the newly adopted common core standards will require from teachers. Teachers also learned how to create more deliberate and purposeful lesson plans.

“We are all here because we really value education we value the education of our students we value academic achievement,” GATE Teacher Solang Prudente (Astumbo Elementary School) told PNC. “So we took it upon ourselves as DOE teachers to come here and to really learn about the Common Core State Standards. About how to unpack it, how to teach our children so that they can reach that academic achievement, that’s why we’re all here today.”

Secondary school teachers will have training on the common core next week.