VIDEO: Tropical Storm Faxai Blowing By Guam Tonight, More Than 300 Miles East, Little Impact Expected


Guam – At 1 pm this afternoon, the National Weather Service fixed Tropical Storm Faxai about 340 miles east south-east of Guam, at latitude 11.7 north and longitude 149.5 east.

The storm has maximum sustained winds of 50 mph and it is moving north at 6 mph.

Its closest point of approach, says the NWS forecaster Derick Williams, will be about 10pm tonight at 322 miles east of the island. That will be far outside the radius of any damaging winds.  It is also expected to pass well east of Saipan and Tinian Tuesday morning.  

There are no watches or warnings for any of the islands of the Marianas.

READ the NWS 2pm Update on Tropical Strom Faxai HERE  

Summary of 1pm ChST – 0300 UTC

Location – 11.7N  and 149.5E

* about 340 miles east-southeast of Guam
* about 335 miles east-southeast of Rota
* about 345 miles southeast of Tinian and Saipan
* about 215 miles north of Ulul
* about 335 miles north-northwest of Chuuk

Maximum sustained winds – 50 mph

Present Movement – north at 360 degrees at 6 mph


READ the NWS Discussion and Outlook below:

At 1pm ChST -0300 UTC: The center of Tropical Storm Faxai was located by satellite imagery to be near latitude 11.7 degrees north and longitude 149.5 degrees east.

Tropical Storm Faxai is moving toward the north at 6 mph. Faxai is expected to curve to the north-northeast and accelerate through Tuesday. Faxai is forecast to pass east of Guam late tonight and Saipan Tuesday morning.

Maximum sustained winds remain at 50 mph. Tropical Storm Faxai is expected to intensify slowly during the next 36 hours. Tropical Storm force winds extend outward from the center up to 70 miles.

The next scheduled advisory will be issued by the National Weather Service at 8pm ChST this evening.