VIDEO: Truck Hits Fire Hydrant, Main Breaks; Low to No Water From Airport to Piti

Guam's water lines are too old and there's too much leakage. (PNC file photo)

Guam – A water main break next to the Nieves M. Flores Memorial Library in Hagatna this morning interupted water service from the Airport to Piti today.

“A main water line was broken this morning due to a truck and trailer which ran over the sidewalk and also damaged a fire hydrant,” Guam Waterworks Authority Public Information Officer Heidi Ballendorf explained in a news release. “Low and no water will be experienced from parts of Tamuning (from Airport Road) to Anigua, Agana, Asan and Piti till midnight tonight”

The library closed shorly after opening, the Guam Judiciary and District Court of Guam both closed at noon, and Academy of Our Lady sent students home at 11am due to the disruption in water services  The DNA Building and the Terlaje Building are also without water causing several government and private business officers to close early.

Agana Shopping Center Marketing Manager C.T. McJohn told PNC that businesses inside the shopping center were able to remain open because the mall has its own back up water system. Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Robert Malay said that as of noon today no water issues were reported at any of DOE’s schools or the central office.

According to Ballendforf GWA crews were able to repair the water main by 2:30pm but she said the full restoration of water services isn’t expected until midnight.