VIDEO: True Grit 2014 Features International Teams, Refs and Rugby World Mag


Guam – This year international teams participating in True Grit are Tin Tin and Melanins in the men’s competition with Zenkai/Mariners as a possible last minute entry and Little Blacks for the women’s competition all of whom are from Japan.

The local men’s teams that are confirmed are Doks, Boonie Doks, Old Soaks, Hulu Tea, La Familia, Lions, Pago Bay Disasters, Southside Red and Southside Black.

True Grit also confirmed that three(3) international referees from Hong Kong and one(1) referee from Japan will help enforce the rules. Pedro Walls satys that the experience of playing with international referees will really raise the level of competition on the field.

Also, True Grit 2014 welcomes journalist Rich Freeman.  Freeman writes for Rugby World Magazine and is covering True Grit and rugby in the islands. Rugby World magazine has a readership of over 1,000,000 people world wide.