VIDEO: Typhoons II Edges Justice 65-61 in GHC

Tamuning, Guam – Bud Light Golden Hoops Classic (GHC) 2014 Spring Tournament ended week two with games held on Sunday and Wednesday at Tamuning Gym in the men’s varsity, 30 plus masters and coed recreation divisions.

In the 30 plus masters division it was the Kings earning the victory in overtime 52-48 against the Tamuning Typhoons.

In overtime the Typhoons went scoreless while Kings Ryan Camacho scored four points 
at the free throw line to secure the win. 

Kings Fayth Thompson scored a game high 18 points followed by Michael Atoigue with 10 points. Typhoons Christopher Michaels scored 13 points in the losing effort.

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Game results:
Men’s varsity division:
Sticky Bandits 65, Andersen Hawks 60; Tamuning Typhoons I 82, Team Justice 44; Andersen Bombers 54, Andersen Hawks 49; Sticky Bandits 63, Team Justice 56; 
Tamuning Typhoons I 85, Four Stars 60; Tamuning Typhoons II 65, Team Justice 61.
30 plus masters division:
Enforcers 46, Team Captain 42; Team Justice 72, Club BofG 60.
Coed recreation division:
Tamuning Typhoons 34, MTM Falcons 23; Tango Inc won by forfeit against Fuetsa Club.