VIDEO: Umatac-Merizo WWTP Gets Redesign Go Ahead From CCU


Guam – The Guam Power Authority is looking forward to finally under-taking a system upgrade that has nothing to do with the decade old federal consent decree mandating improvements to GWA’S water and wastewater systems.

The Consolidated Commission on Utilities on Wednesday of last week approved funding for a re-design of the Umatac-Merizo waster-water treatment plant. During heavy rains, the plant is subject to over-flows which spill into Toguan Bay

The CCU approved a $199-thousand dollar contract with Lyon Engineering to expand capacity to deal with the problem. And for a change, GWA General Manager Martin Rouch says its a pro-active initiative being under-taken by GWA that is not part of any court order.

Roush:“During heavy rains we don’t have enough capacity to handle all the rain fall that goes into the wastewater system. And so this plant has some deficiencies in it. We want to make sure we design the ultimate plant that can always meet compliance. Its not part of the 2011 Court order. Its not part of the NPDS. This was part of the significant findings on wastewater and we’re starting the design process to get way ahead on that project.”

The funds for the design study for the Umatac-Merizo plant upgrade are coming from GWA’s already existing pool of bond funds.