VIDEO: UOG and GCC Make Their Budget Pitches Before Appropriations Committee


Guam – Senator Ben Pangelinan’s Appropriations Committee resumed its review GovGuam agency budget requests for FY 2015.

UOG and GCC went before the committee to explain their budget plans, and ask for the Committee’s support of their funding needs.

GCC President Mary Okada asked for $19.9 million calling that a “sustainable budget” that will allow GCC to meet the needs of its growing student body and the island’s workforce.

And UOG President Dr. Robert Underwood asked for $30.1 million,  a modest $200-thousand dollar increase over last year’s budget.

Dr. Underwood said that UOG is the only public institution, that he is aware of,  that has been able to keep tuition flat for the last 5 years. Although he acknowledged that a moderate tuition increase is planned for the 2016 academic  year.