VIDEO: UOG English Building Renamed in Honor of Tan Family Matriarch

Guam – UOG hosted a naming ceremony for their English and Communication Building, which is now renamed to Tan Lam Pek Kim English and Communication Building in honor of the matriarch of the Tan family.

President of the University of Guam Dr. Robert Underwood stated, “As we understand the emerging role of women, we’d like to recognize people that may feel like they perform the traditional role of women in a supportive fashion, but in reality, her strength, her fortitude is reflected in the contribution of her children and the contribution of the Tan family to this island. So we honor you and recognize you this morning”.


In November 2012, The Tan Siu Lin Foundation became the first $1 million dollar donor to the UOG Capital Campaign. The University showed their appreciation by hosting a ceremony this morning that included gift presentations to the Tan Family with a certificate and framed picture of the renamed building and the unveiling of the new building name. The Tan Siu Lin Foundation was also acknowledged as a “21st-Century Visionary” by the University.

Mrs. Tan Lam Pek Kim’s son Dr. Henry Tan expressed, “On behalf of the family, I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity that this building is named after my mom. It is really our honor that this building can be her name. We hope our students can do even better. If there’s anything my family can do, we will continue to support”.

This generous donation by the Tan family goes towards the University of Guam’s Triton Developers Program, a fundraising strategy to attract different levels of support which can be spread over five years of the capital campaign.