VIDEO: Upgrades to GPA’s Tumon Substation Near Completion


Guam – The Guam Power Authority has announced that upgrades to the Tumon substation are near completion.


GPA Public Information Officer Art Perez said a new transformer with more capacity has been installed and is now online.

In a news release to the media Perez wrote that improvements include a greater capacity to reroute power and support other distribution lines to improve system reliability and redundancy. A new transformer containment pad was also installed to comply with environmental protection regulations.

Consolidated Commission on Utilities Chairman Simon Sanchez says the Tumon substation serves one of GPA’s most important customer bases.

“All the power that comes from Piti that serves this region flows through that substation,” Sanchez told PNC. “Its an investment in our infrastructure to keep the power flowing smoothly and… continue to modernize our grid.”

the project was part of a 70 million dollar upgrade for the island wide power system to improve power quality and reliability.