VIDEO: Vice-Speaker Encourages Senators to Save Money by Moving Into Legislature’s Central Office Building


Guam – Acting Speaker B.J. Cruz has sent out a memorandum to all senators and senator’s elect to ask who is willing to move into the legislative building in Hagatna.



 This building currently houses the session hall, public hearing room, central offices and the offices of 6 Democrat senators. Vice-Speaker Cruz writes in his memo that the Guam legislature has cut it’s operating budget by about 5% for this current fiscal year. He says that one area to realize savings is by avoiding the unnecessary leasing of office space outside of the legislature’s central offices. Senators Adolpho Palacios and Judi Guthertz were not re-elected so their office spaces are now vacant. 

“If we get three of the senators elect minority we could probably fit three of them into the Guthertz Respicio section currently two committees are in there three minority could fit in there very comfortably if they want we could fit two committees in there with majority members and the Palacios space could be for one majority or two minority and if we need be we’ll find some other space in the building for others if need be and just trying to cut back on expenses,” said Cruz.

 The Vice-Speaker is offering these spaces to both Democrats and Republicans and both incumbents and senators elect. However, he does note that it may be easier for senator’s elect to move in since they don’t currently have offices to move out of.