VIDEO: Village of Barrigada Donates Equipment to DOC


Guam –  (Tuesday, November 5) –  The Barrigada Mayors Office donated some equipment to the Department of Corrections Director this morning.

Barrigada Mayor June Blas along with Barrigada Vice Mayor Jessie Bautista presented an echo power pole pruner and a hand held blower to be donated to DOC. DOC’s Department Director Jose San Agustin accepted the donations this morning at the Barrigada Mayors Office Community Center.

With a large village and small staff, Blas said that DOC has been very helpful with beautifying the Barrigada community.

“At the end of the fiscal year, what we try to do is allocate where it’s best to purchase equipment or anything we need before that fiscal year ends. Because we’ve been in partnership with DOC and we want to continue that partnership. We decided we’ll help each other.” said Blas.

San Agustin said that DOC is pleased that villages are so welcoming.

“The folks that we do have are folks that want to come out here and want to make a difference and show the community that they’re not really bad people, they just made bad choices but we can come out to do whatever we could to help the community. So again this is very heartwarming to have the opportunity to welcome us into your villages. We’re going to continue to maintain this relationship.” San Agustin said.

The pruner and blower were part of the DOC’s wish list that the Barrigada Mayor’s Office granted. DOC has been partnering up with the Barrigada Mayor’s Office by cleaning up major roads such as Route 8, 10 and 16.


READ the release from the Barrigada Mayor’s Office below:

Today, the Department of Corrections has in its possession an echo power pole pruner, and a hand held blower thanks to the generosity of Mayor June U. Blas and Vice Mayor Jessie P. Bautista and the community of Barrigada. 
The equipments were presented to Mr. Joe San Agustin, Director of the Department of Corrections at 10:00 am at the Barrigada Mayor’s Office.

The community of Barrigada believes in partnering with departments and agencies that provide service benefitting the community, said Mayor Blas.  Vice Mayor Bautista went on to say “we have always relied on the services of DoC and this is one way of ensuring that the services they provide continue to be the best for everyone’s benefit.”