VIDEO: Wednesday Session Will Deal With Time Sensitive Bills; Minimum Wage Hike Not on the Agenda


Guam – While some where concerned about the last minute session called by Speaker Judi Won Pat for tomorrow, the Speaker says it is well within the standing rules to call session a couple of days prior.

And furthermore the agenda will not include the controversial minimum wage bill as was feared by it’s opponents Instead session will deal with some time sensitive bills like Senator Rory Respicio’s bill to purchase a tabulating machine for the Guam Election Commission that is needed for this upcoming election.

“It’s a regular session, not a special session, a special session is called by the Governor so I’m calling a regular session,” said Speaker Won Pat. There was some concern over why session was being called on such short notice. Speaker Judi Won Pat called the session which is scheduled for tomorrow (Weds.) on Monday. 

Some opponents of the minimum wage bill feared that it was an attempt to quickly raise the minimum wage, however Speaker Won Pat says that the minimum wage bill will not be on the session agenda. “I think the biggest question that everyone is talking about and they can rest assured is that the minimum wage bill will not be or is not on the agenda,” said Won Pat.

Instead they will consider other bills that senators will officially add to the agenda while on the session floor. “One is a bill by Senator Respicio for the Guam Election Commission because Mrs. Pangelinan said that there is a need to purchase this machine for the election so that definitely will be on the agenda. The other is the social security resolution bill to the Congresswoman by Senator Mike San Nicolas the third is a bill needed for the judiciary of the courts requested by Senator Aguon and that’s the authorization for them to use the monies that they have in their trust to be able to pay their employees,” said Speaker Won Pat.

 Some were concerned that this session was called on such short notice but the Speaker says it is well within the standing rules of the legislature. “I can call us into session within two hours and the standing rules says that if we are going into session in this case without then specific agendas normally then last months agenda would be adopted but we would always have to go back to motions to place any bill and that’s standard,” said Speaker Won Pat.

 The Speaker says that she called the session in order to deal with some bills that are time sensitive for example Senator Respicio’s bill to purchase a new tabulator for the Guam Election Commission. The Speaker says that all the bills they will be considering have already had a public hearing and committee reports.