VIDEO: White Powdery Substance Found at Barrigada Main Post Office Believed to Be Yeast


Guam – Officials says that the white powdery substance found inside a “hamper-type” mail bin at the main Barrigada Post Office Thursday morning was yeast.

Guam Fire Lt. Ed Artero says that tests done by the Guam Guard’s Hazardous Materials [Haz Mat] Team reached that conclusion with a 97% certainty.

However, Artero said that further tests will be conducted by the FBI which is handling the case.

Postal employes noticed the substance at the bottom of the bin shortly after 8am. Guam Fire and Guam Police responded and sealed  off the back of  the building where the mail is sorted. But the Post Office remained open for business and no roads in the area were closed.

Postal employees couldn’t say whether the powdery substance spilled from a package or letter. Guam Police Spokesman Lt. Art Paulino said they didn’t know where the substance came from.

The Guam Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Team did the first tests and got no reaction from a pH test for acidity. Tests for anthrax, botulism, and ricin also provided negative.

The Guam National Guard’s Haz Mat team was then called to the scene to conduct additional tests which GFD does not have the tools to perform. They determined the substance was yeast.

The all clear was given about 2:30 this afternoon.

Guam Post Master Emmanuel Thomas declined comment and referred PNC to a U.S. Post Office number in Hawaii or comment.