VIDEO: World Class Vessels Make Port Stops On Guam


Guam – Two prominent ships could be seen in Guam’s port today but the the timing of their visits is likely coincidental.

The Octopus, a mega yacht owned by Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen is currently docked at the Port. The 414 foot yacht comes with a pool, two helicopters , and two submarines… one of which is operated by remote control.

Inchcape Shipping Services is the agent for the ship, Inchcape General Manager Ariel Dumapit tells PNC that the Octopus arrived Thursday morning and is scheduled to leave at 10am Saturday after re-fueling and changing crew. Its not known why the ship is on Guam or whether Allen is here too.

The once oil rig now sea launch pad Odyssey was also seen in Guam’s waters this morning. It was leaving Apra Harbor at about 10am after after arriving on Wednesday. The Odyssey is used by Sea Launch AG of Bern, Switzerland to launch satellites into space.

The reason for the Odyssey’s presence in the waters near Guam also has not been announced but the sea launch website does tell us about a mission planned along the equator at 154 degrees west longitude later this year.

Port Operator J.R. Taimanglo says the Odyssey’s visit was unexpected and he doesn’t know of any return trips planned to the island.

As for the other ship of interest spotted at Guam’s port recently the Mermaid Sapphire left Guam Monday evening with filmmaker James Cameron and his submarine the DeepSea Challenger on board. Cameron planned to dive to the deepest part of the Marinas Trench in the submersible as part of partnership with National Geographic and Rolex. So far there has been no word on whether the dive has been completed or not.