VIDEO: Yes, Then No, to Reconsider Taitano Confirmation; How It Went Down on the Floor


Guam –  Henry Taitano’s confirmation as the Administrator of  the Guam Economic Development Authority fell one vote short Friday afternoon.

8 votes were needed, he got only 7, and as a result, he was not confirmed.

A motion from Senator Respicio to reconsider Taitano’s appointment in the next Session appeared to have been approved when no one raised an objection.

But just as Acting Speaker Senator Tina Muna-Barnes was gaveling the proceedings to a close, or immediately after the gavel had fallen,  Senator Michael San Nicolas raised his hand with an objection.

Muna-Barnes agreed to consider San Nicolas’ objection and called for a vote on Respicio’s motion to reconsider, despite protests from both Senators Tony Ada and Dennis Rodriguez who rose and argued that Muna-Barnes had already gaveled down and San Nicolas’ objection was made too late.

The Acting Speaker disagreed and called for a vote. Rodriguez made a motion to over-rule the Speaker, but it failed and then Respicio’s motion for reconsideration of Taitano’s appointment was put to a vote, and it failed too.

Taitano’s nomination will not be re-considered in the next Legislative Session. 

Click on the video link below and see how it went down on the floor.

READ the Session report from Majority Leader Senator Rory Respicio below:


(Hagåtña, Guam) Senator Rory J. Respicio, Chairperson of the Committee on Rules, reports that during today’s Session, senators of the 32nd Guam Legislature discussed the following executive appointment:

Mr. Henry Taitano, Administrator, Guam Economic Development Authority
*NOT CONFIRMED (7 yeas; 2 absent; 1 excused; 5 nays (T.C. Ada, B.J.Cruz, F.B. Aguon Jr., M.F.Q. San Nicolas, and V.C. Pangelinan)

Senators adjourned today’s session subject to the call of the Speaker.

Rory J. Respicio
Chairperson, Committee on Rules