VIDEO: Zero Waste Plan Intended to Expand Lifespan of Layon Landfill


Guam- As another way to preserve the lifespan of the Layon landfill, Senator Tina Muna Barnes has introduced a resolution to develop and adopt a Zero Waste Plan.

She tells PNC the plan looks at a community based model of sustainable materials management to eliminate or minimize landfill disposal. She says the goal is to engage the community to implement waste reduction, recycling, resource recovery and other beneficial reuse programs. Although Barnes mentions success has been made with the iRecycle Program, the University of Guam Green Army and Mayors Council village clean ups, they need to further turn trash into a commodity. She hopes to keep Guam sustainable while protecting the environment.

“As it comes to turning trash into a commodity, those are the kinds of programs we’re looking at,” said Barnes. “This is bi-partisan support and this is the time to continue and protect and clean our environment.”

A public hearing has been set for July 30.