Viewing Platform At Paseo Complete; Fishing Platform is Next


Department of Agriculture Director Matt Sablan says the first phase of the fishing platform project is an ADA compliant viewing platform. 

Guam – Phase one of the fishing platform at the Paseo has been completed.


 Department of Agriculture Director Matt Sablan says the first phase is an ADA compliant viewing platform. The viewing platform cost a total of $549,370 dollars. The money came from three sources, $250 thousand from WESPAC, $108 thousand from a GOSA grant from NOAA and $191,370 dollars from the DOAG US Fish and Wildlife service. The actual fishing platform will be built in the second phase and it will be connected to the viewing platform. Sablan says the US Army Corp of Engineers approved a permit for 500 feet for the entire project, the viewing platform is 137 feet which leaves about 363 feet for the actual fishing platform.

 “The viewing platform itself is situated in the existing parking lot and it also has the requirement of the ADA requirement. We met the ADA requirement. Now for phase two which is a fishing platform, again this is federal funds so availability of federal funds we’ll incorporate the phase two which is the fishing platform but that’s part of the project as a total,” said Sablan.

 Sablan is expecting to begin phase two for the actual fishing platform itself in late June or early July.