Vigilance Committee decries lack of GovGuam transparency

Vigilance Committee (file photo)

Following countless reports of government officials who willingly withheld information from the public, the Vigilance Committee petitions Governor Lou Leon Guerrero to order her directors to lead their agencies with the spirit of our transparency laws.

The Vigilance Committee releases the following statement:

“The lack of government transparency should have us all worried, especially, when public officials use phrases such as ‘leaked to the media’ or demonstrate a willfulness to withhold information from the public,” stated Lee Webber. “The governor has an opportunity to do the right thing by ordering her directors and government officials to disclose information requested through the use of our transparency laws. No provision of the Sunshine Law, 5 GCA Chapter 10, prohibits the disclosure of public records. Rather, 5 GCA § 10108 permits an agency head to deny disclosure. Plainly speaking, it’s a choice between leading with transparency or responding with excuses. The people of Guam deserve transparency, not excuses.”

The mission of the Vigilance Committee is to promote ways to improve the dissemination and disclosure of information to the general public by advocating for compliance with the Open Government Law and the Sunshine Reform Act by public officials and government representatives.

(Vigilance Committee News Release)