Vigilance Committee: ‘Stonewalling does nothing to enhance respectability of CLTC’

Vigilance Committee (file photo)

On March 23rd, the Vigilance Committee submitted a Sunshine Act request to John Reyes, Jr., chairman of the CHamoru Land Trust Commission (CLTC), seeking the Reyes Report referenced in public records indicating the authority for the CLTC to meet in executive session and compliance with applicable laws.

In response to the Vigilance Committee request, Chairman Reyes refused to disclose the Reyes Report citing sections of the Sunshine Reform Act which allows the non-disclosure of public records.

“Stonewalling does nothing to enhance the respectability of the CLTC,” Lee P. Webber, president of the Vigilance Committee said. “Why doesn’t Commissioner Reyes simply provide us the Reyes Report? His reluctance to disclose the Reyes Report leaves both land agents and the general public unsure and potentially confused, still questioning the conduct of the CLTC Administrator and the integrity of the entire CLTC process.”

Webber goes on to explain, “During a CHamoru Land Trust Commission meeting held in February, CLTC Administrative Director Jack Hattig III admitted to altering a land agent’s report without the consent of the land agent. The meeting adjourned with Commissioner Reyes stating that he planned to meet with agency staff and will develop a report for the commission. When asked for the Reyes report, Commissioner Reyes refused to disclose the report citing an inapplicable section of the Open Government Law. Because CLTC was in session and non-compliant with other sections of the Open Government Law, Chairman Reyes committed a violation. Now he refuses to disclose a report in the face of a legitimate Sunshine Act Request.”

“Commissioner Reyes talks about the Reyes Report yet avoids the word investigation‒ even when his very own director publicly admitted to altering a land agent’s report,” Webber said.

(Vigilance Committee Release)