Virtual concert to showcase Chamorro culture internationally


This Sunday, there will be a virtual concert showcasing Chamorro Culture internationally.

Para I Probechu’n TaoTao-Ta Inc. (a.k.a PIPIT) is a non-profit cultural organization whose mission is to support community organizations and members that promote the preservation of the Chamorro language and culture.

With the cancelation of FestPac in Honolulu this year, PIPIT decided to use this opportunity to showcase their performances through their virtual concert, “I Espiritun I Taotao-ta”.

PIPIT business operations manager Vince San Nicolas hopes that this particular project will bring more recognition of Chamorro culture internationally.

“This project, this production aims to generate even more awareness about our culture, to stimulate curiosity as well as educate and reinforce a sense of pride and identity in our people and those who are willing to share our cultural journey,” San Nicolas said.

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While planning for the event, executive director Zina Ruiz realized how much this has brought in other groups from the mainland, Japan, and the CNMI that not only want to be a part of the concert but also realize its significance, especially during this time of difficulties.

“Initially, it was just a real simple thought. We’re going to have a concert, we’re going to bring people together … but then we realized that there was a lot of therapeutic stuff that was happening and we had to really take into consideration people’s thoughts and the healing and the healthiness of it. We couldn’t just say, boom, we have a concert and that’s it. Chamorro people are very proud and we also have a lot of talented people and so we always want to put our best foot forward,” Ruiz said.

This event can be streamed live on the PIPIT Facebook page and their YouTube Channel, PIPIT Inc. on Sunday, Dec. 20, at 10 am.