Visiting Norwegian Woman Robbed at Gun Point Early Saturday Morning


Guam – A 21 year old visiting Norwegian woman has reported to police that she was robbed at gun point early Saturday morning.

According to a release from Officer A.J. Balajadia, the woman has been visiting her Navy boyfriend here on Guam. They were at a club in Tumon and got into an argument,  and the women left, on foot, on her own.  Officer Balajadia says the woman walked up the hill towards Bishop Flores Loop where she was offered a ride from a Caucasian woman who was in a white SUV, says Officer Balajadia.

The victim said she got into the rear of the vehicle where she was confronted by a man who had a black handgun and demanded money from her. The victim said she didn’t have any money, only a bank card.

So the man told the woman driving the SUV to go to the Bank of Guam in Hagatna, according to Officer Balajadia, where they tried to withdraw money.  But when they got to the Bank and tried to withdraw cash,  the victim says “there was no money in the account.”  She said  the man with the gun “continued to demand money” from her and that he “even fired one shot out the window.” 

Eventually she says the man took her cell phone and she was dropped off by the Hagatna pool.

The man was described as having a dark complexion and wearing a black and white hooded shirt.

Anyone with any information about the crime is asked to call Guam Police at 475-8615 – 17 or call Guam Crime Stoppers at 477-4357 [HELP].

READ the release from Officer Balajadia below:

The victim said she was finally dropped off in the Hagatna Pool area where her cell phone was stolen. 

TAMUNING – 2:02am, Saturday, December 28, 2013, it was reported to the Hagatna Precinct that a 21-year-old, female was robbed in the
Tamuning area. The victim was driven around the Tamuning area where she was robbed and the dropped off at the Hagatna pool area. No
injuries to the victim and the item stolen was a cellular telephone.  The victim is a tourist from Norway here on Guam visiting her
Navy boyfriend.

The victim reported that she was at a club with her boyfriend.  They got into argument and the victim left walking away along Route 14
Tumon towards Hilton Hotel.  As she was walking up the hill towards Bishop Flores Loop she was offered a ride from a female Caucasian
who was operating a White SUV.  Inside the vehicle was a male passenger full beard dark complected wearing a Black and White hooded shirt.
Victim got in the rear seat and was transported around the Tamuning area towards Hagatna.  The male individual brandished a Black handgun
and demanded money from the victim.  Victim did not have money only a bank card which the male instructed the operator to go to Bank of Guam.
There was no money in the account so the male continued to demand money from the victim and even fired one shot out the window.  The victim
was transported for some time and was finally dropped off at the Hagatna Pool area where the suspects took her cell phone.