Visiting Sailor Accused of Groping Woman at Bar


Court documents say Anthony Steven Cover laughed and walked away when confronted by his alleged victim.

Guam – A 28-year old man, who is a sailor stationed on a visiting Navy aircraft squadron, has been charged with groping a woman at a Tumon bar frequented by military service members.

A magistrate report says a woman was waiting to order drinks Friday evening when an unknown caucasian male grabbed “her butt” while walking past.  Court documents allege the man, identified as Anthony Steven Cover, laughed as he walked toward the parking lot when confronted by the victim.

Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs Officer Lt. Tim Gorman confirms Cover is a member of the Navy.

“The U.S. Navy is cooperating with the Guam Police Department to conduct a thorough investigation,” he said.  “Upon completion of the investigation, the Navy will review the case to determine if any additional actions are warranted.”


  1. Give the male members of this woman’s family 5 minutes alone with the sailor. That should be enough time for them to teach him some manners.

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