VIDEO: Visiting Scholars Share Knowledge of Chamorro Language


Guam – A group of scholars that have taken an interest in the Chamorro Language have traveled here from Germany to share their knowledge on Guam’s native language.

University of Bremen PhD Student Barbara Dewein will give a presentation tonight on a Chamorro Dictionary that was recently discovered in the Netherlands.

“Whats particularly interesting about the dictionary is that the author is trying to exclude Spanish words completely,” Dewein says. “He includes only words of Indonesian origin.” Dewein’s lecture will be held in the UOG Class Lecture Hall Wednesday September 14.

University of Bremen Professor Dr. Thomas Stoltz will discuss language endangerment as part of the UOG Presidential Lecture series next Tuesday at 5:30 in the IT&E Lecture Hall at UOG. The professor says Chamorro is one of the world’s languages at risk of extinction

 “My idea is perhaps people here want to perserve their language,” Stolz remarks. “They can learn from others trying to do the same. What have they done wrong and what measures are candidates for successful revitalization of language.”

Steve Pagel, another scholar from the University of Bremen, will discuss a fairytale from the Marianas writing by Georg Fritz during a talk on September 27th. Fritz was the German Captain on Saipan in 1906. Pagel’s presentation will be given in the UOG Class Lecture at 6pm on the 27th.