Vold Acquitted of Terrorist Conduct Charge


Guam -A Superior Court Jury Thursday acquitted Stephen Vold of a charge of terroristic conduct.

Vold was indicted in November of 2009 after he sent 2 emails in which he spoke about bringing guns to school and the suggestion that he might commit a violent act at the Superior Court of Guam.
According to the magistrates complaint, in the first email Vold  spoke of his frustration with women during high school and described how he brought guns, ammunition and 2 pipe bombs to school.
In the second email Vold expressed frustration at a letter he received from GovGuam saying he owed $230,000 in child support when he was only making $26,000 as a teacher.
In that second email Vold  wrote: “If you have nay [sic] friends at the court house please tell them not to go to work on January 15th. I do not know what I am going to do. I  am a very good person but under extream [sic] stress I just do not know.” Vold also recounted the time he went to school armed.

The FBI contacted Vold who acknowledged sending the emails but claimed he was not serious.

The 2 day trial ended Thursday morning. The jury deliberated for about 4 hours before returning the not guilty verdict around 3 pm Thursday afternoon.

All of Guam’s Superior Court Judges recused themselves from the case because of the nature of the threat to the court made in the second email. CNMI Superior Court Judge David Weiseman was called down to Guam to try the case.