Volunteers Needed For Holiday Crisis Hotline


Guam- Volunteers are needed to host the 2012 Holiday Crisis Hotline.

The Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is recruiting individuals, groups and organizations that can help people who may feel alone or troubled during this holiday season.

Certified Prevention Specialist Gayle Osborn says volunteers will be trained on December 15 to provide immediate crisis intervention, stress management and hotline ethics. They also will learn to make referrals to other services, such as safe transportation to avoid drinking and driving and emotional support.

“We need at least 15-20 volunteers for the hotline” said Osborn. “They will be doing 4 hour shifts. In that shift there will be at least 2 medical professionals. You know for more serious issues…like suicide or suicide ideations and you know, depression.”

The Holiday Crisis Hotline will be active starting on December 24. For more information on volunteering, log on to peaceguam.org .