Volunteers Needed For Masso Reservoir Restoration Project


Guam As part of the ongoing efforts to restore the Masso reservoir, the Guam Environmental Alliance is calling on all volunteers to help plant about 2,500 acacia trees.

General Director Tammy Jo Anderson Taft says this will be the final tree planting to help stop the flow of sedimentation due to an extensive history of burning in this area. She also mentions her group has been working with the Department of Agriculture to develop a hiking trail and provide signage to educate young people and families about Guam’s native trees and wildlife.

“Acacia trees, once they get to a certain height, they’re actually resistant to fire…which is really good” said Taft. “And so, we want to start or continue the reforestation of that reservoir area because that’s a watershed that empties into the Piti Bomb Holes Marine Preserve and we need to protect that habitat as much as we can.”

The volunteer event for the Masso Watershed Restoration Project will take place from 7 am to 11 am on Saturday, January 29 next to the Veterans Cemetery in Piti. Volunteers are asked to bring a water bottle, gloves, sturdy shoes, and sunscreen. For more information, email tammyjoanderson.taft@gmail.com .