Volunteers Needed For “We Are Dededo” Village Mural Project


Guam- The Dededo Mayor’s Office is asking for volunteers to help with its village mural wall project.

Mayor Melissa Savares says work on the mural already started since Sunday. Savares adds the artwork will capture the diversity of Dededo, which stems down to different activities and different cultures. She also says to look for popular places painted in the mural such as the flea market, the sports complex and the Micronesia Mall.

“The mural actually depicts almost everything that happens in the village” said Savares. “We have 9 public schools and 3 private schools. All their school logos are going to be up there. All the different sports that are being played in the village are being depicted in the mural.”

Any interested volunteers can call the Dededo Mayors Office or the Mayors’ Council. The mural is part of the “We Are Guam” series of beautification projects developed by the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB). The program promotes a cultural and identity branding initiative towards tourists, as well as island residents.