VOTE 2012: The Challengers – Joe San Agustin


Guam – Current Guam Education Board member Joe San Agustin will be filing to run for senator as a Democrat next week Friday.

San Agustin says that he’s concerned with education public health and law enforcement.

As member of the Guam Education board he’s well aware of the challenges DOE faces and the help that it needs. As far as public health is concerned he would like to help tackle Guam’s growing epidemic of obesity.

As for law enforcement he’s also a former police officer who thinks that cops and fire fighters should not be denied hazardous pay.

“They shouldn’t be denying these police officers the police officers put their lives in the line of fire they need to be protected they need to be taken care of because number one when anybody needs help who do they call the Guam Police Department or maybe the airport police all the law enforcement is who they call,” said San Agustin.

The senatorial candidates father Joe T. San Agustin was a former senator and speaker of the legislature.