VIDEO: VOTE 2012- The Challengers – (R) Roland Blas


Guam- As a well respected Techa and the shadow of several senators, Roland Blas says he finally made the decision last year to step into the light as a senatorial candidate.


Blas has over 15 years of experience in the legislature and government service positions, which includes working under Speaker Judi Won Pat and the late Senator Angel Santos. Blas feels he has the compassion and heart with what it takes to truly be a public servant.

“The key qualifications I think of being a senator is really having the compassion, the heart, and the understanding and being a great and good listener…because sometimes, senators speak too much” said Blas. “And they never stop to give time to listen to the needs of our people.”

If elected into office, he mentions aside from focusing on Guam’s culture and heritage, his first legislation will be centered on taking care of the issues surrounding Guam’s young people and supporting the Man’amko.

“I wanted to speak and look more into finding ways and means and prevention programs concerning the needs and challenges of what our youth are going through today” remarked Blas. “I see and hear a lot about vandalism and teen suicide.”

Blas is number 16 on the ballot. He is running under the Republican ticket.